My writing sucks, and, believe me, so does yours

Positive feedback loop, vicious circle
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There must be something wrong with people.

(I seem to discover that over and over again. 😯 )

People I admire and respect have told me that I can write well.  Okay, maybe not well, but adequate to get the gist of my meaning across.  Boy are they wrong.  What on this precious, blue earth impelled people to lie to me?

I can’t imagine why, but as I edit the beginning of my novel, I can only hope all that positive feedback was offered in the hopes that I would keep writing and therefore, hopefully, improve.

I know this much, if you think your smack is hot, think again.  Set your magnificent work aside for a while, then go back to it, and watch your innocent baby turn into a horrid troll.

It takes a significant amount of time to distance oneself from something you wrote to see it objectively.  Unfortunately, enough time has passed that as I go through what I wrote over a year ago, my heart is just sinking.  Do I honestly think anyone would find this entertaining?  Let alone readable?


I hate my hobby. 😦


8 thoughts on “My writing sucks, and, believe me, so does yours

  1. Sympathise thoroughly, as someone who has spent a lot of time hating everything i’ve writer, yet continuing out of a stubborn ambition to get better, I feel its the only way.

    Last year I hit on an idea…to stop waiting for the rejections and reject myself…well once a week anyway…now thats nearly out of the way, I doubt there is much any editor or potential publicist can say thats worse than what I’ve already written…see below…

    1. Hello Roy! Thanks for stopping by and offering your support. I like your Rejection blog. I see you are almost done. I’ll have to go back and read through all the posts. Fun! :/

  2. Hi Nila,

    Everyone thinks there work sucks at some point I do. Currently I down right loath the novel I am trying to edit and think my new work is tosh. Add to that I keep getting the sinking feeling that my agent is going to chuck me if I don’t produce something soon.

    The thing I am trying to say you are not alone in feeling what you do, and in my book that makes you a good writer, because you feel you can do better and try too.

    1. Hey Sue, you are an awesome writer. I can’t imagine why you loath anything you write. You won’t get chucked because you’ll produce something so brilliant your agent will waive his fee (so some such nonsense).

      Thanks for being there for me and yes, I’ll keep re-writing and editing. Just wish I could start seeing my work objectively. In time…I hope…

  3. I am going to misquote Judson Jerome who wrote the following about poets but I am converting it to writers:
    If you think of a writer as a person with some special qualifications that come by nature (or divine favor), you are likely to make one of two mistakes about yourself. If you think you’ve got what it takes, you may fail to learn what you need to know in order to use whatever qualities you may have. On the other hand, if you think you do not have what it takes, you may give up too easily, thinking it is useless to try. A writer is someone – you, me, anyone – who writes. That question out of the way, now we can learn to write.

    1. …now we can learn to write.

      Ah…that’s the crux of it all, isn’t it? The thing is, I thought I HAD learned all there is to learn. Silly me… 😉

  4. I think everyone feels that way about their creative efforts at one time or another. I know I do, nearly all the time. But, as others have pointed out, if you are making the effort, then you are a step ahead of those that make no effort at all. Dreams don’t come true on their own, no matter how many people sit around doing nothing and expecting that they will. The fact that you have plugged away with determination and finished what you started speaks volumes.

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