Reading List 2011

Spanish writer: Carlos Ruiz Zafón in Barcelona
Image via Wikipedia

More fiction.

I’ve read tons of non-fiction this year.  Mostly research for my novel.  I want to read more fiction in 2011.

Here’s what is on my list right now:

I finished The Angel’s Game by Carlos Ruiz Zafón last month.  Yes, during NaNoWriMo.  Loved it.  Don’t know why it got negative reviews.  I love Zafón’s writing style; the way he makes you see the emotions on his character’s faces and smell the world he creates.  And I love all the quirky jokes.  He’s my kind of writer.  I wonder if he would read my book…

Anyway, I know the list is short.  I plan on adding more as I think of ’em.  Will keep track of them over on GoodReads.  That reminds me…got to go update my profile…

Enjoy the holidays and happy winter solstice!

Until next year, keep on writing and reading. 🙂



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