The End

Typing ape
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Yes, indeed, I actually wrote those words in my journal last night.  I’m not happy with the end, but, well, there it is.

Because I hand-wrote everything out during the NaNoWriMo, I have a lot of typing to do.  I’m sure I’ll end up looking just like that monkey over there.


I ended up writing an additional 24,542 words.  That’s a lot for me in such a short time, and I’m rather proud of the amount.  I’m not particularly proud of what I wrote, but I’ll fix that in the re-write.

Thanks to all that have encouraged me along the way.  By the new year, I may have a novel to share with you all!



6 thoughts on “The End

  1. Not sure if I’ll ever be happy with what I write…but…I’m stubborn. 😉

    Thank you, cog. Your well wishes are very much appreciated. 🙂

  2. Awesome! I’m excited for you!

    I bet it feels really good! Imagine how good it felt when you finished your first 4k short story. Finishing your first draft of a novel probably feels like that times 100 pages. 🙂

    Congrads! You give me inspiration in the hopes that one day I will finish my novel.

    Make sure you kick back, put on some of your favorite music and have a glass of your favorite beverage and enjoy the moment. If you think about it, this moment will only come around once in your life. After that, you can never have a first novel experience again. So soak it all up!!!!!!

  3. Hey Nila,

    Below is a listing for a Magazine, APEX. Below is their website.

    Not sure if you seen them before but maybe you can send one of your stories.


    Apex Publications
    4629 Riverman Way
    Lexington KY 40515

    Apex Publications, P.O. Box 24323, Lexington KY 40524. (859) 312-3974. E-mail: Website: Contact: Jason Sizemore, editor-in-chief. Magazine: 512×812, 128 pages, 70 lb. white offset paper, glossy #120 cover. Contains illustrations. “We publish dark sci-fi with horror elements. Our readers are those that enjoy speculative fiction with dark themes.” Monthly. Estab. 2005. Circ. 3,000.



    Needs: Dark science fiction. “We’re not fans of ‘monster’ fiction.” Receives 200-250 mss/month. Accepts 2 mss/issue, 24 mss/year. Manuscript published 3 months after acceptance. Publishes 10 new writers/year. Published Brian Keene, Cherie Priest, Ben Bova, William F. Nolan, Tom Piccirilli, M.M. Buckner, JA Rourath, and James P. Hogan. Length: 200 words (min)-7,500 words (max). Average length: 4,000 words. Publishes short shorts. Average length of short shorts: 500 words. Often comments on/critiques rejected manuscripts.

    How to Contact: Send complete ms with cover letter. Include estimated word count, brief bio. Responds to queries in 3-4 weeks. Responds to mss in 3-4 weeks. E-mail submissions only. Guidelines available via e-mail, on website.

    Payment/Terms: Writers receive 5¢/word. Pays on publication. Acquires first North American web rights. Non-exclusive print anthology rights. Publication is copyrighted.

    “Be professional. Be confident. Remember that any criticisms offered are given for your benefit.”

    1. Cool – thanks! However, judging by their pay rate, their seem like a professional outfit. Not sure I’m ready for that. Did you submit something? Let me know if they offer feedback. If they do, it might be worth it to send something in just to get an honest from-the-editor feedback. Hope all is going well! 🙂

      1. I haven’t submitted to them yet, but plan too. By what I have gathered they do work with some new writers so it could be a good thing. Another way to look at it, is that it is a form of marketing yourself so when it comes time to sale your Lorena book, or should I say the Andreas book as we have found out from your wordle thing on the other post.

        Don’t throw your good stuff, but some small stuff you can sit and wait on or have already been trying to publish. You never know where it will lead you. 🙂

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