Don’t have much to write, but thought I’d drop a line.

Just picked up a copy of A Drizzle of Honey, The Lives and Recipes of Spain’s Secret Jews by Gitlitz and Davidson from the local library.  Should prove interesting source material for my novel.

Figured out how many words a day I have to write for the month of November: one thousand, six hundred and sixty-six.  Give or take a few.  Yikes!

I don’t think the actually word count will be a problem, but rather my writing style.  I write with a pencil.  You know, the graphic lead contraption of yester yore?  It looks something like this:

pencil dude

Okay, not exactly like that, but you get the idea.  The thing is I write in my journal where ever I might be.  In the park, on my bed, on the floor, on my bike, in a cafe, at the library, at work, oh, and sometimes at the kitchen counter.  Anyway, it’s much more relaxing than sitting at a computer.  Because I work as a GIS Specialist, I’m pretty much on a computer all day.  I don’t want to be on it when I’m not working.  The computer is for work, not writing.  It’s just the way it is in my head.

After writing a bit in my journal, I need to see it on-screen or, obsessed with word counts, I want to know how many words I’ve written so I sit my butt down and actually type it out.  A bit of editing, re-wording and shuffling goes on at this stage, but for the most part I just type whatever I’ve written.  Though I type about 80 words/minute, this is slow.  It means I have to write it out long hand and then type it up, doubling up the amount of time each day I would have to dedicate to reach my NaNoWriMo daily requisite of 1,666.666 words.

A dilemma…should I forgo hand writing my story and end up hating the whole thing because I’ll be tied to my computer for a whole month?  Or do I just keep doing what I do and go without sleeping for a whole month?


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