Published! I’m PUBLISHED!!!

Just received my copy of the September 2010 Issue of This Mutant Life.  It has a cool cover of a guy climbing into a HUGE, blue eye.  But what’s even cooler is that MY STORY IS IN IT!  I’m thinking of framing the whole thing somehow…

It is really something to see your name in “press”.  I’ve seem my name (my real name) in press plenty of times for non-fiction articles, but for fiction?  This is a first.  I’m elated, dudettes and dudes; break open the bottle of bubbly. 😀


4 thoughts on “Published! I’m PUBLISHED!!!

    1. Oh, it’s nothing! But at the same time, it’s my first. I can only hope the first of many more to come. Of course, it means I have to actually keep submitting and then work my way up to publications that pay. All I managed to do was take a itty bitty baby step, but it’s a step. Thanks, T.

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