Rejection of the third kind

Today, something slimy reminded me of a penmonkey.  This writer, to be left unnamed to protect the guilty, is an asshole.

Let me tell you why he’s an asshole.  (Or, maybe, I’m the asshole, but that’s for another blog post.)

A year ago, this writer came to a forum I frequent and asked for feedback on a new project he and a partner were working on.  I visited their website, offered my thoughts (not all together nice, but civil), and that was that.  The writing on their site is excellent and funny, but it’s not my brand of entertainment.  Their style is more…Jackass style.  You know, like Jackass the TV show?

Okay, okay, before you judge my prudishness, I have watched the show and I have even laughed at a few of their pranks, but really, those guys are just down right mean to each other and plain stupid to do the shit they do.

Anyway, these writers appeal to the Jackass market.  Not the 40 something, vegan, environmentalist, Northern Californian, working cyclist.

But like the appeal of a horrible accident, a few months after that initial read and feedback, I visited their site again.  They were having a mini writing contest.  I can’t even remember the premise, but I wrote a short (less than 500 words) deal about a stuffed dog.  I thought it was cute.  Apparently, so did these writers and I “won” their contest along with one other entrant.  I was supposed to get one of their books on werewolves or something.

So, they contacted me and they checked out my blog (hmm, maybe they should have done that BEFORE they chose my piece).  At the time, I was blogging on my old blog site: clear reality, where I very clearly state my stand on religion (that blog still gets WAY more traffic than this one).  They didn’t like that.  At least, I am pretty sure they didn’t.  They left very cryptic remarks on a post about bible thumping and then stopped all communication with me.  When I visited their website to see what was up, my name and entry had been DELETED.  As if I never existed.

Rejection sucks, but that bit hard.

Just thought I’d share…


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