Lighting the fire

Johnathan Hobin, someone I have never heard of but I’m sure is world-famous and the news just now reached me under my 15 ton rock, has just released several controversial photos.  His press release features another photo, so I’m sure the show encompasses these on the web as well as more.

Boxing Day

The one above, titled Boxing Day, “…depicts the tragic outcome of the Tsunami in the Indian Ocean in 2004.”

Yikes!  If you think this is scary, check out A Boo Grave, our wonderful soldiers hard at work in Abu Ghraib (no, I don’t think all soldiers behave this way, but some did and do).

The artist’s point is that children see all the same horrific news stories that the rest of us do – unfiltered.  Today’s water-downed children stories with the gory details of ancient cautionary tales edited out leaves a gap in children’ socialization.  He posits the news now fills the role of teaching kids the realities of life.

Frankly, I think it teaches and influences all of us, not just children.  With his amazing photos, he simply states the obvious in a manner that will evoke an emotional response that is undeniable.

H/T to Romi Says


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