Update #2,307

Woohoo!  Made it through another day without killing anyone important.

In my novel, of course.  Will type up and send it on to my writing buddy soon so he can tear it up or offer encouragement as suits his fancy.

My idea for the Monk Punk anthology is shaping up nicely.  I hope it comes out half readable so that I can at least submit it without feeling too embarrassed.

My Greatest Regret
My Greatest Regret

Oh – I did submit to the SFFWorld Flash Fiction contest this month.  From the initial feedback, it is yet another bomb.  (shrugs)  It has been a year since I have tried to win (or at least get a consistent voting pattern), but I just can’t seem to do it.  So, I’m giving up on flash fiction.  Gonna stick to short stories and my novel.  If you want to seriously waste a few minutes, check out my latest effort here.



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