Somewhere over the rainbow…

That song, Israel’s version, has been stuck in my head for the past week.  I’ve hummed it at work, on my commute ride, while I walk the dog, and even, yes, in the shower.  Well, in the shower I actually sing.

Why, oh why, is this song stuck in my head?  Other than because it is awesome?

The other day I was reading Nathan Bransford”s blog.  The bloke is an agent for a big literary company.  I follow his blog because he offers excellent advice and he writes well.  Not because I think I’ll ever be represented by someone like him.  I know I’ll be lucky to ever land an agent, and if I ever do, it will most likely be some young, aspiring gal/guy just getting the hang of their job and taking a chance on a two-bit author.

So I haunt Nathan Bransford’s blog in the hopes of learning something about the craft and business of writing.  As Mr. Bransford is an author as well, he writes about the ups and downs every writers goes through.  This latest one felt as if pluck from my heart.  His post titled When Dreams Become Expectations made me sit up and say, “Oh!  It’s not just me? You mean, most other writers think they’re the second coming of Tolkien too?”

We all dream.  And most of us dream big.  Why not?  Anything can happen in a dream.  Hell, you might even be happy, listening to blue birds sing.  But Mr. Bransford does well to advise against turning your dreams into expectations.  Reality rarely matches up to our goals let only our dreams.

Work hard, write well, and ya might just end up with a few pleased readers.  That will be good enough for me.  Is it worth it?

From one writer to another, you know it is.


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