The Joys of Moving

We’ve made it!  All our junk, spread out in all our closets, cabinets, bookshelves and any other nook and cranny I could find, in our house is now either:

  1. Thrown out
  2. Given to goodwill
  3. Put in storage
  4. Left for the neighbors
  5. Moved down to Santa Rosa so we can:
  • Throw it out
  • Give to goodwill
  • Put in storage
  • Give to the neighbors
  • Or, maybe, use

We are going from a 2,000+ square foot home to a 600 (or less) square foot, 1 bedroom apartment.  And we have a dog. 😮

It is surprising how little you need to live on.

I’ve found that I really don’t need three hair brushes (my hair is super short, why on earth would I even think I need more than a comb?).  Or six super-thick blankets (ok, maybe in Truckee you do need that many).  Or three full sets of cutlery.  Or two sets of mixing bowls.  Three down jackets?  Three?  I only ever used the one.  (sigh)

I am an American.  And Americans have a tendency to gather stuff.  Lots of stuff.  The more stuff we have the better we feel.  Well, I can attest that getting rid of all that stuff feels just as good.  Try it! (evil grin)

As we left Truckee earlier this week, I got a bit nostalgic.  Even though a storm brewed on the horizon (yes, snow in August, why are we leaving Truckee? oh yeah, it’s friggin cold!), I went out on my favorite trails with our dog.  We ran and ran.  I will miss those trails dearly.  I hope we can find some places down here that are just as serene and beautiful.

Martis Valley
Martis Valley

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