This past week, I rejoined Critters. Critters is an online writer’s critique group. If you are looking to improve your writing, I highly recommend this venue. Yes, there are a lot of newbies on there, but there are also some experienced writers that offer the rest of us some great advice.

I had joined about a year ago and participated quite regularly up until about three months ago. Then I bagged the whole group because it was just taking up too much of my time. In order to stay in good standing so that your own stuff gets critiqued, you must give a critique – about once a week. The absolute minimum is once a month. My schedule was just so swamped, I couldn’t even managed that. So, I went on hiatus.

During my stint with Critters, I met several great, aspiring writers. Most of whom I have lost contact with, but I made a lasting friendship with Jo-Anne Odell. Great gal. She’ll be published soon, guarantee it.

Anyway, she had a piece up on Critters, so I rejoined to offer my two cents worth. While there, I read a few other pieces. I haven’t sent in my crits for those yet, but just reading their work with that critical eye has made me realize some of my own mistakes! Why did I quit? I learn so much just from reading with that editors-hat on. Wish I could do that with my own work…




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