On to Day 14

Medieval Castles
And to the Marques' Castle

Woohoo! Okay, I’m sure it is crap, but I just finished a milestone: Day 13 in my WIP is over and Andreas gets to meet the Marquesa in Day 14…should be good (hopefully). The only thing is that Pedro, the pest that has globbed onto my protag, is coming along for the ride. Is it bad that I’m liking this secondary antagonist more than my protag?

That is not entirely true. I don’t like Pedro, but he is a lot more fun to write with because he just makes life horrible for poor Andreas. Plus, he likes to do bad things like sleep around with whores and gamble. 😀

So, Day 13 done. Only seventeen more to go (some of those just fillers that can pass with a few words). I’m at around 35,000 word count. That should mean finishing at around 75,000. Not too bad for my first novel. Of course, I’m still not finished.

Later. Got to go write.


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