And the stump is looking back at me...
And the stump is looking back at me...

Work on my WIP is slow.  Not just because life keeps taking over, but, now, because I have been stumped.  My original outline doesn’t make sense.  So I have to change it.  The thing is Andreas has to visit a particular place to meet the antagonist, but it doesn’t make sense why he would go there in the first place.  Darn.

I’m hoping some great idea will drop out of the sky and salvage my plot.

Wish me luck.


2 thoughts on “Stumped

  1. Why does Andreas have to go there?

    Maybe he/she stumbles on the location and causes the first confrontation or second, maybe third. Or, maybe another short scene is needed that will provide a reason for them to go, an event. Maybe your character is going to take the brass balls approach and confront the antagonist for the 1st or 2nd time which causes your character to loose the first battle with this person, and is only spared by someone or some event happening to cause the antagonist to miss the key opportunity to put your main character out of commission. This could set up the subsequent tension and animosity between the two and provide a better battle for later on. And maybe it could create even more of a reason for why the antagonist wants to harm or kill your main character.

    Just some ideas to spur the fuel. 🙂

    T. Ansel Knemeyer

    1. Wow – all excellent ideas! I started writing last night and it turns out the secondary antag provided the reason. Plus, he got in a fight with Andreas (another ‘he’)! Woohoo! Action. Though I do have to rewrite the fight scene. I’ve never gotten in a fist-fight (well, not as an adult) so the two ended up wrestling. I’ll have to give that scene a work over to make sure it is believable. But, yes, Andreas does have to meet the main antag soon. I’m near the half way point (hmmm, that point seems to be moving farther and farther away) and he’s got to meet him at some point. Thanks for the spur. 😉

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