Road rage

Ok, so I know, I know!  I said this would be about my writing and writing only.  No tangents.  No rants about religious folks (I’ve been good about that, haven’t I?).  No rants period.


This morning, on my way into work, I got passed by another cyclist.  This chick was fast.  The mist fogging my glasses was dampening my mood and when she passed me, I immediately ramped up my speed and chased her tail.  I got to her cruising speed and maintained a distance of about 100 feet between us.  It felt good.  I starting to hope that I’d catch her every morning and we could ride together.  It would up my game and maybe I could get in some sprint training.

The light ahead turned red.  We started to slow.  And then she did something that just made my blood boil.  She looked behind her, scanned above the cars to her left and then RAN THE RED LIGHT.

My jaw dropped.  WTF?  Really!  How could she!  I felt like tapping the window of the car next to me and say, “Did you just see that?”  Come on, all you cyclists out there.  If you want drivers to respect you, respect the law.

2 thoughts on “Road rage

  1. I have to say that there are too many cyclist that think they own the road, and it really pisses me off. They do crap like that, then get hit and the motorist is the one that gets the blame. I use to ride, so I understand how fun it is, and great exercise, etc. but something changes in a person when they get on a bike and hit the road. Their attitude changes. Mine did. As a driver the unsafe mentality of a bicyclist is what fuels my irritation with them. It is complete disrespect when they do that. I wish the police would give out tickets for that type of stupidity, but they never do.

    T. Ansel Knemeyer

    1. I’ve been commuting by bike for 23 years. I have seen it all, but that was pretty blatant. I know what you mean when a person changes when they get on a bike. That has never been the case with me but I do see that in other cyclists and I just don’t get it. What part of self preservation do they not understand?

      Yeah, she should have been ticketed.

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