Room with a view

Hello World,

Check out the view from my hotel room:

View of Bodega Bay

I’m home now, but just wanted to share.

Life has been super busy.  I had hoped to share with you a short story I am working on, but though it is 85% complete, it is not, in fact, complete.

I can tell you a little about the story.  It is about a vampire, a reluctant vampire.  The idea to write about a vampire came from Pill Hill Press.  I had visions of submitting a story for their Fem-Fang anthology, but I doubt I’ll have the time to write, edit, share with fellow writers for feedback, revise, and edit again all by the mid-August deadline.  If I miss the deadline, I’ll post it here.

Otherwise, work on my novel has ground to a halt until I get settled into our new apartment.  But Andreas and Lorena have been clamoring for attention lately, so I will have to start writing the rest of their story soon.




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