Writing Update

Life is hectic in tmsoland.  Work has consumed all my waking hours and sleep is filled with scenes of my book that are demanding to be written, but when I get a spare moment to write – nothing comes.  So, I decided to edit the 30k words that I have already written and as I read, realization dawned…boy, do I suck.  I can’t believe the drivel that I’ve written.  I like the story.  The story is still interesting to me, but what I’m putting on the page doesn’t resemble what’s in my head AT ALL.  (huge sigh)  For a moment, I thought of chucking the whole thing.  But NO!  I will prevail.

I will continue to add to the pile of doo-doo until the thing is finished.  I’ll edit it to the best of my ability and, maybe, let someone else read it.  Then I’ll bury the thing in the backyard so that it can do no further harm.

I once read a piece of advice from a published author that went something like this:

Your first novel is practice.

I understood that my first WIP (Sangre del Diablo/Devil’s Blood) was/is indeed practice, but I thought it would be good.  You know, good enough to want to share it.  But all I want to do with it right now is burn it (well, not burn it, I haven’t even printed it out; really, I would just delete it off my hard drive, but “delete it” doesn’t quite have the ring that “burn it” has, now does it?).  But that would be quitting, and though I have quit things in the past, I am committed to finishing this novel even if it does suck.

With that thought, I joined the National Novel Writing Month (November, for those of you who do not know) last night.  Yeah, November is months away, but it will be upon us before you know it.  I plan to have at least an additional 20k written by November 1st, which should get me just past the half-way mark of my book.  I can then go into the WRIMO writing frenzy in November, adding an additional 30k to round the book out at around 80k (that’s if I keep writing at the pace I’m doing now given my current outline and scene list).  Joining now, commits me to the process and finishing my very first novel – even if it is a pile of shit.

Wish me luck!



9 thoughts on “Writing Update

  1. Now, this post IS horse shit!
    You don’t like what you wrote? You think it could be better? Isn’t that the way it’s supposed to be?
    BTW, thanks for the implied evaluation of my efforts to help.

    1. Woohoo! I got me a live one! 😉

      No, you don’t have your head up yer butt, and no I am not implying that your efforts are not helping. I think they have helped tremendously, I was just re-reading and going through your notes and realized, dang, this stuff needs some serious work! What was I thinking I was almost done? Kind of burst my bubble. But! It just means I have to work work work at it until that turd is polished.

      Shock treatment is good, though. Keep it coming! 😀

      1. Hey Nila,


        Why are you so damn hard on yourself? In order to be good at something, you must go through shit first or produce shit first before you can be good at that something. This is a natural process. I suggest you stop fighting yourself or the shit you produce and channel your energies into the positive aspects of why it is good to have bad writing. If I recall correctly, you’ve studied some form of martial arts, right? Apply that philosophy into your writing. In regards to yourself, be critical, but not negative.

        Sorry to be harping but just trying to snap you back into Clear Reality. 😉 Wink, Wink.

        You are a good writer with the potential of being great. Sure you are going to have a few bumps in the road but that doesn’t mean you suck. I agree with you in that, many times we feel like we suck, and in ways compared to professionals our work looks less polished then theirs, but everyone starts somewhere. Unfortunately, you and I and others I am sure, are starting behind the 8-ball since we are beginning so late in life on this crazy, whacked-out adventure called being a writer.

        “Just got my next issue of WD in the mail today!!! Totally excited. “The Big 10 Issue” Page 22 has a good article – (10 Experts Take On The Writer’s Rulebook – debate among writers about 10 different questions. Rule #4, Write “Shitty first Drafts.” The 2 sides of the camp are – Follow It or Break It.

        You should check it out.

        Sorry so long of a blurb!

        T. Ansel Knemeyer

      2. Thanks for the bitch-slap – I needed it! Part of my frustration is the fact that I am too busy to concentrate properly on just writing. Thanks again!

      1. No Problem. We all need help getting back on track once in awhile. It’s easy to get discouraged. But the funny thing is when you feel like you are completely done, and you tell yourself – “I am quitting! It’s too much.” – Then a few days later, or maybe even an hour later you find yourself toiling away with a good idea for a book or a short story, or you realize you can take your novel in a particular direction, then you know your not done, you just needed a release or a break to let things clear up.

        Remember, cut the negativity as best as you can. It’s what holds you back from performing at your best. Just because one publisher thinks your book stinks might be another publishers’ gift-horse that sales big. And another thought is that there are number of writers that are great writers that don’t sale very good. And, there are those that are bad writers that seem to sale millions of copies. I would wager that – Perfection in writing isn’t key, but learning to find what interests your audience is. A bad story written perfectly doesn’t sell as well as a good story written poorly.

        Ok! I am done with my philosophy and lecture session for today! LOL! 🙂

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