Self-doubt.  I got tons of it.  Hmmm, my mother always said I should share.  What some? 😉

Whenever I get a positive response from a random stranger about something I have written, the first thing out of my mouth and on the screen is: Really?

I can’t help myself.  I just do not believe them.  I figure they must be saying that because they like me or they happen to be my husband (though, to be fair, my husband hates all my writing and has no problem telling me that).  Or maybe they want to be my husband.  Or maybe they’re another writer, and I just gave them a favorable review so they’re just stroking my ego. 😮

I’m horrible, aren’t I?

I just had another story of mine accepted by a small online ‘zine (or is it ezine?).  It’s a non-paying market, but, heck, some stranger read my story and liked it enough to put their reputation on the line for it.

The editor wants me to make some changes and he/she said I have some sentence structure issues.  At first, their statements struck me as odd.  Why would the editor print my story if she/he thought it needed work?

Then came a bit of clarity.  Who the hell cares?! The editor is willing to help me IMPROVE MY WRITING.  I’m sooooo eager to learn, they could say it’s a pile of crap and I would kiss their feet for any advice they can throw my way.

So…yeah…I’ll be announcing my second ‘sale’ later this summer when it comes out.  Cool, huh?

tmso 🙂

(Must keep writing…)


8 thoughts on “Really?

  1. Awesome! It’s hard to take a positive sometimes. I have the same issue, but my wife says she enjoys my writing, although she would say that to make me feel better, so I will have to look to others to give me an honest truth. Oh! I am not saying my wife isn’t capable of totally crushing my work, she’s a woman of Irish heritage and crushing a mans ego is totally natural.

    Hey you can add this to your writing resume, that you have been published! Awesome. I’ll have to start sending work in someday so I can build my credentials as well. Have fun and let me know how it goes with this editor. I would like to know what kind of hoops you have to jump through to get published.


    1. Well, the two pieces that have been accepted (this latest one and the one to This Mutant Life) makes it a total of TWO “publications”! Can you believe it?

      You should submit. It is incredibly hard, but it’s the only way you are gonna get published. Keep in mind that I’ve been rejected at least a dozen times now. My strategy is similar to nature’s reproductive scheme: inundate the system, eventually one will survive.

      Besides, I consider submitting these small pieces practice for my novel. Got to steel myself for all those agent/publisher rejections! 😀

      Thanks for the encouragement, T, and I will keep you posted in regards to the process.

      1. Woohoo, baby! We’re on a roll. 😀

        But I’m stumped, at the moment. Can’t write. I won’t say the B-word as it might settle in.

        Will have to read something nifty to get me out of my funk. 😕

  2. My fellow asked if I’d ever consider doing writing as a freelance career. He loves my blog (personally, I think he’s somewhat bias) but I don’t know if I’d be able to deal with the stress of deadlines and having to produce good stuff on demand. With a free expression kind of blog I just write whatever the hell I feel like and never know if anyone’s really stayed to read much of anything.

    I never really know what to do about praise, either.

    1. Oh…you should!!! You’ve got the snarky attitude in your writing that is just too fun to read. You should definitely consider it, but position yourself well first. Start out with clear goals and a huge savings account. 😉

      But I hear ya about the deadline thing and trying to produce something “good” all the time. I guess that’s the difference between professional writers and folks like me. The fact that they can produce consistent results. Well, my stuff is consistent…it consistently sucks. I mean work that consistently excels. 😀

      There’s plenty of critizism out there to bring the ego down a notch or two, so take the praise when you can get it. A very good friend of mine suggested I should just say “Thank you”. 🙂

    2. You guys are all being accepted. I am going to have to try so I can feel the rush of rejection and then the elation of being accepted. “Oh! Rush isn’t the right word! elation isn’t as well. Maybe I should use the words – “Bitterness and excitement!” No those are probably not right as well.

      I guess I better start submitting so I learn to describe this experience better. 🙂

      T. Ansel Knemeyer

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