Reading and Writing

While perusing the SFFWorld Writing Forum, I read a thread that caused me to pause.  A simple thing, really, but it made me think.  The author of the thread posit that s/he couldn’t write Fantasy or the type of story that s/he wanted unless s/he was reading similar material at the same time.

How odd, I thought.

I find it incredibly difficult to write and read at the same time.  Doesn’t matter what I’m reading, if I try to write at the same time, I channel the material.  And I don’t do it well.  My writing comes off as a mix of the author’s and my own unconscious mimicry of their style.  Just horrible.  I can tolerate non-fiction as I write, but still I need to be cautious of interjecting no-so direct quotes from the material I’m reading.

This dilemma put to mind the thought of a secluded writer.  Someone cut off from the world, tapping out their passions alone.  I imagine that upon her/his death, their masterpiece is discovered and changes the world.  Their story captivates and moves people like no other has done before, teaching us all that the values we hold dear to our hearts are wrong.


I do too much thinking, not enough writing. 😉

Anyway, back to the topic on hand, reading AND writing.  I’ve seen this subject come up before on writing forums and on writer’s blogs.  It appears that whatever combination of writing and reading that works for you is the only thing that matters.  So, if you like to read while you write, read!  If not, then don’t.  Such a simple solution.

For all living in the USA, enjoy our 4th! 🙂

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