Enter, the labrynth

I’m not much of an escapist.  I don’t like to sit down and mediate.  I don’t like to sit down and smoke a joint.  I can’t stand to just sit on a beach and watch the waves – booorrring.  I will sit down long enough to watch a movie, but even there I think about the next thing I’m gonna do unless it is a really good movie (like Gladiator or Avatar or any other epic).

I do sit a lot.  It’s my work – playing around with spatial databases on a computer.  So sitting still for long periods of time is not an issue, it’s the activity.  Or rather, the type of activity.  The type of activity that folks usually take advantage of to escape their reality.

I’ve never been one to try to alter my state of consciousness.  I want reality.  With all its boring, mundane, funny, loving, exciting, heart thumping intervals.  That relaxed, peacefulness everyone wants?  I already got it.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m human.  I get stressed and tensed right along with the best of ’em, but on a whole, I’m pretty even keeled.

My secret?


I revel in my imagination.  I build cities, kingdoms, worlds and universes in my spare time.  Whiling running, biking, hiking or…just sitting, I create characters that travel, conquer, love, hate and die – all in the most interesting manner.  Their stories reveal themselves as I explore the depths of what the mind conjures.  Most of these stories end in epic battles or only begin with a whisper of a sound that tears apart when I’m interrupted by, egads!, a real person.

What a magical thing to enter one’s own mind-maze, care to join me?


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