Flash fiction

I discovered flash fiction last year when I started taking some online writing classes.  I do have to say that, at first, I was not overly fond of the form.  A story in less than a thousand words?  Didn’t seem to have enough weight, enough meat to satisfy.

However, after exploring the form for the past year, I have come to appreciate writing a flash fiction piece.  As a way to improve my writing, they have become invaluable.  With such a short word count limit, it forces you to focus on the essence of your story, and how each word influences that story.  It’s a lot harder than you think.

I have thus far posted two flash fiction stories I have worked on recently.  You can find them in the Stories section up there on the top of the page.  I’ll post more as I write them.


N.E. White

2 thoughts on “Flash fiction

    1. Awesome! You will have to tell me ALL about China. I’d love to go sometime, very much out of my comfort zone. Will you be competing? Good luck!

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