Travel and a goat

Hello World, It has been some time since my last ‘real’ post. In between, I have been to Ethiopia. Rest assured, I will be ranting about my trip along with my other rants. (Feel free to rant back at me!) But before that, I thought I’d get into the groove of blogging again by providing this […]

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Advice from a Slush Reader

Being an acquisition editor for a speculative fiction magazine requires two things: Loads of free time A love for the weird I have copious amounts of one of those. Not so much of the other. Which do you think is the limiting factor above? I started reading for an online e-zine. A volunteer position, of […]

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Yeah, this is one of those blog posts. I don’t really have anything to say, but I feel the need to, you know, say something. Did you know I have a Tumblr account? I do. I never access it because I lost my password and the site does not make it straightforward to retrieve it […]

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These Blasphemous Times

Happy Monday Readers, Hopefully, you will wake this morning to a glorious day. They’ll be a sharp bite in the air, but the sun will be shining. Your coffee/tea/choice-of-beverage will be strong, and your commute into work will be short and pleasant. Everyone you encounter will have a smile on their face, and you will, […]

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