Quick update: I recently finished reading all the submission entries to SFFWorld’s Dying Earth anthology. Whew! Actually, it wasn’t an insurmountable task. I blame life, laziness, and Netflix. (Not GOT.) Most reject/accept notices have been sent out. If you haven’t gotten yours, I am still debating whether to reject, accept, or ask for a re-write. … More Finished!

Random Post #231

Is this really random? Is this really #231? Today I read about Clare Winger Harris. Ms. Harris wrote science fiction back in the 1920s when it wasn’t cool to be a science fiction writer let alone a woman. To be both – shocker! But she did it. I’ve never heard of her before. Thank you … More Random Post #231

Anthology Update (and reasons why we might reject your story)

Howdy Folks! Thanks for all the industrious writers out there who have submitted a story to our anthology. We’re happily gathering them up, reading, and making the hard decisions to accept or not. It’s always a tough call. Many of you write excellent stories, but (here it comes) there are various reasons why we might … More Anthology Update (and reasons why we might reject your story)