The Rainbow

When the sun comes up and a mist is in the air and the whole sky is brilliant, then from a natural fountain the rainbow is born, stretching forth in an enormous arc. But it fears the people of earth; their faces are much too lively, and it draws itself back though the sky like […]

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A Day of Gratitude

I don’t normally post things on holidays or anniversaries. I figure, there are plenty of other folks doing that, no need for me to join the fray. But today, I wanted to for two reasons: I saw some silly statement that alluded atheists have nothing to be thankful for because we don’t have a god […]

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Anchimayen and other legends

Since I haven’t produced much this year, for the month of October, I was determined to enter something in the micro, flash, and short story contests over on’s writing forum. I managed to write the first two and entered an old story for the third. Woohoo! But what I wanted to talk about today […]

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Yes, you read that right. An ecotour: part blog tour, part ecotone, and all about a virtual journey around this here blog-o-sphere. Are you ready? I’m co-conspirator, oh, I mean, co-editor of Ecotones. We’ve asked all our authors a series of questions. So many now that I wonder when they’ll start to mutiny! But what I […]

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Book Cover-Wu

If you follow my blog, the last time I touched on the subject of creating your own book cover, I advised to use a professional graphic artist. For yours truly, I’ll stick to that advice. If you are anything like me, at some point, we’ll say “that’s good enough”, when it is not. It’s easy […]

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Holy crap. Is it that time of year again? On Sunday, November 1st, 2015, keyboards across the world will be set ablaze. Or maybe not. It may end up looking a lot like the above – an old notebook and a pencil on some nondescript desk. Of course, that desk could be in a little […]

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