What on earth is she doing?

To all my recent followers: This is one of those posts where I go on and on about my writing progress. If you are not a writer (or a reader inexplicably interested in my nattering about the words I write), here’s an old video about sheep and l.e.d. lights you might like to watch instead: Okay, […]

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Unlikely Influences: What Lise Fracalossi learned about writing from LARPing

Originally posted on Kate Heartfield:
Unlikely Influences is a series of weekly blog posts about how writers can learn the tricks of their trade in odd places. Most are from guest authors, but I’ll pop in from time to time too. This week’s installment is by Lise Fracalossi. ◊ “Hardenstein 2014 – Adventurers” by RalfHuels (photographer), Anja…

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For the past few weeks, I’ve struggled with how to summarize my recent trip to Ethiopia for several reasons. One of which is that I spent most of my time in a westernized hotel conference room discussing geology and 3D models. Unless you are into those sort of things, it’s pretty boring. Another reason is that […]

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