Free Pass Giveaway

Writer’s Digest if giving away a pass for the San Francisco’s Writer Conference that is coming up NEXT WEEK: Feb 16th – 19th, 2012.  I can’t justify the cost, but free?  Hell, yeah, I’ll call in sick. Anyway, even if you wanted to go, and had the money and time to go, it is sold […]

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Between

Truckee, California is one of the coldest locations in the lower 48.  Hard to believe, seeing as I just wrote California after Truckee, but it is true.  The numbers do not lie: The top ten spots for the most number of days with the lowest temperature in the contiguous US between 1995 and 2005: Location Days of Lowest […]

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What happened to the cows?

I’ve tried to figure out my feelings towards what happened last week on the UC Davis campus. I am a UC Davis alumni. The UC Davis campus sprawls on almost 800 acres on some of the best farm land in  California.  During the five years I spent there, I learned, worked, and rode my bike […]

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My America

Over on there’s a discussion going on about US Tropes.  It’s spilled over to American culture and culture in general.  The whole thing got started by this writer who ranted against the American big-box story mill called Hollywood and how it influences all stories told throughout the world. The whole thing got me thinking about my culture.  Just what […]

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Allergic Rhinitis

Ah, in gentler times, it was called hay fever. Well, when I was a kid, that’s what we called it.  And it was treated with a hot shower and an afternoon off from mowing the grass.  (Yes!) I’ve always had hay fever, and I pretty much knew I was allergic to grasses, so when I […]

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Homeless People

I’ve meant to post about homeless people.  I see homeless people every day I ride into work. I see them at other times, too, but they are much easier to ignore when you are in a warm or air-conditioned car (depending on the season or time of day). I’m new to homeless people.  Or, rather, […]

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A day in the city

Hubby and I went out to San Francisco yesterday to gawk at wares and weirdos at the North Beach Festival. We knew we’d be in for some interesting sights when the first thing we came across was this guy: In case you are having a hard time reading that, it says: My wife’s been kidnapped.  […]

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Review: A Fistful of Sky

So, it’s been a while since I’ve read something as sweet and innocent as A Fistful of Sky.  And I must admit, I found it very disappointing.  Yes, the writing was excellent, and I didn’t catch one typo (every book I’ve read in the past two years has had at least a handful of typos), […]

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